We hope the following questions and answers will help you to learn more about C4L and the programs and services we offer:

How are C4L’s method, vision, and philosophy different from others?

C4L believes that to get successful results a child must be viewed from a multi-disciplinary approach. Unlike other educational services, Drs. Ansari and Koch’s professional expertise allows C4L to integrate the four key disciplines of educational psychology; neuropsychology; clinical psychology; and special education into our understanding your child’s individuality. This unique approach has provided a track record of success with students who struggle with learning and behavioral problems.

How is C4L different from tutorial services?

General tutoring services focus on the immediate academic issues only, requiring students to attend long, open-ended, generalized homework study sessions. The C4L Approach believes in first determining an accurate diagnosis of your child and then providing recommendations for an individualized, research-based plan based on your child’s needs.

How involved are the parents in the assessment and treatment process?

When we build a body of information to understand your child, you are included from the beginning as a vital part of the initial consultation and planning. Throughout your child’s diagnosis and educational program, you as a parent are welcome to attend sessions conducted at C4L. Our staff is available to answer your questions and listen to you.

How does C4L collaborate with the student’s school teachers, and how are the services coordinated among the parents, teachers, and staff at C4L?

At C4L, our staff brings together its extensive experience in school psychology, special education, and teaching to bridge the gaps between parents and educators. As part of our advocacy process, our services can include attending meetings, writing letters, and helping with decisions when needed. We understand the school system and we work to develop a collaborative team approach.

How long will it take for parents and the teacher to notice change subsequent to receiving services?

C4L believes in measurable outcomes demonstrating successful results. Regular ongoing assessments are provided to you to monitor if the program is meeting your child’s needs. Each child experiences a different rate of change based on their particular cognitive, behavioral, and emotional situation.

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