C4L provides comprehensive consulting and coaching services to independent schools in the areas of:

    • Equipping learning centers to individually support diverse learners with research-based approaches, and with an emphasis on accountability to ensure that students’ needs are being effectively addressed.
    • Coaching administrators and teachers in using instructional practices and interventions that have been empirically shown to be effective.
    • Identifying and providing enrichment for gifted and talented students.
    • Providing assistance to admissions’ offices in the selection, administration, analysis, and interpretation of standardized entrance exams.
    • Preparing and analyzing well-defined data collection systems to guide in restructuring efforts and developing new initiatives.

    C4L Specializes In:

    • Coaching and training in Differentiated Instruction
      • Classroom Routines for Success,  Managing Difficult Students, Student Engagement, and Teaching the 6-Traits of Writing.
    • Kindergarten Admission Assessment.
    • Workshops and seminars
      • For educators on the latest research in learning differences—ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism and Asperger’s Disorders, Executive Function Deficits, Sensory Integration Issues, Processing Issues, Behavioral Issues, and Family Systems.

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