Real Help Available for Learning Differences

For many parents, there is still a perceived stigma attached to a diagnosis of learning disability. This is a shame, because there is very real help available for students with disabilities.

Children with learning differences generally have average to above average intellectual ability; however, they may still struggle to keep up with their peers in school.

Learning disabilities are defined as, “a neurobiological disorder in which a person’s brain works differently or is structured differently” (The Coordinated Campaign of Learning Disabilities).





If you are concerned about the ‘stigma’ of a diagnosis for your child, consider this:

35% of learning disabled children
do NOT finish high school (Wagner’s National Longitudinal Study).

Which do you think is a greater stigma – getting professional help for a learning disability or dropping out of school?

The good news is that there are many research-based effective strategies to help children with learning disabilities and improve their academic performance. You are not alone!

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