Your efforts to help your child today can make a difference of a lifetime. Learning disabilities affect many aspects of a child’s life: school, daily routines, family life, and friendships as well as a child’s ability to speak, listen, read, write, spell, reason, recall, organize information, and calculate.

Ansari and Koch Research

Research Focus: A New Way of Looking at Reading Acquisition

This article appeared on pages 3 and 5 in the March/April, 2005 issue of the Orange County Psychologist, the official publication of the Orange County Psychological Association, a chapter of the California Psychological Association.

The following information is derived from a recent seminar coordinated by Shirin Ansari, Ph.D., founder of The Center for Learning & Behavioral Solutions in Irvine, California. Also participating in the seminar were neuropsychologist Casey Dorman, Ph.D., neuropsychologist Gregory Koch, Ph.D., psychiatrist Ihab Soliman, M.D., and psychiatrist Kenneth W. Steinhoff, M.D. Their conclusions, based in part on doctoral research by Dr. Ansari, question long-held assumptions about reading skills and reading acquisition. Their findings and clinical observations may be useful to clinicians working with both children and adults with learning difficulties and/or attention deficit disorder.

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