C4L customizes its services for children with individual needs to become independent and active learners.

The C4L approach utilizes research-based practices to provide a clearly defined road map for the child who is challenged by educational demands. The first step is to determine the underlying educational, psychological and/or behavioral issues interfering with performance. This diagnostic process provides comprehensive information that helps us to design an individualized intervention plan for each child. The plan can include educational therapy, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, working memory training, as well as parent training.

Once C4L has determined the underlying educational, psychological, and/or behavioral issues through our diagnostic process, we design a path of intervention for your child to succeed. Unlike generic tutoring, the educational therapy at C4L focuses on addressing the underlying roadblocks that interfere with the child’s learning and performance. Ongoing informal and formal assessments guide each child’s progress within his/her educational goals. Goals are set in 2 month intervals involving both parents and teachers to cultivate a collaborative team working to help the child progress.

Throughout your child’s customized educational therapy program, C4L provides ongoing assessments to guide his/her individualized instruction. To ensure that the program is meeting his/her needs, we show measurable outcomes and expect significant improvements in reasonable periods of time.

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