The C4L approach is recognized for its comprehensive battery of diagnostic assessment processes. C4L prides itself in making an accurate diagnosis and thorough recommendations for intervention.

What you should expect:

An initial consultation allows parents to educate us about their child (strengths, history, concerns, reason for referral). This information facilitates a customized testing and assessment strategy to determine the learning roadblocks that your child is experiencing. The assessment is completed over a period of approximately 2 weeks. This allows for valid data by not overwhelming the child with extensive testing in one day.

Our comprehensive battery of assessment includes, but is not limited to, the following: cognitive, academic, educational, social-emotional, processing speed, as well as parent/teacher/self rating scales. Based on the initial consultation, a child may complete a full comprehensive battery or a limited battery of tests to collect the necessary data.

To assist you with communicating the relevant information to your child’s educators, C4L offers advocacy services. These include attending meetings when important decisions are to be made to secure the team’s working plan.

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