The C4L approach is recognized for its comprehensive battery of diagnostic assessment processes. C4L prides itself in making an accurate diagnosis and thorough recommendations for intervention.

Cogmed Working Memory Training™ is an innovative home-based computer program developed by researchers at Karolinska Institute in Sweden used to improve working memory capacity. Working memory is an essential element for remembering and following instructions sustaining attention and organizing activities. In children signs of working memory deficits show up in school and at home as an inability to maintain focused attention difficulty remembering multi-step instructions difficulty planning and organizing and starting and completing tasks. Working memory deficits directly impact reading comprehension and math reasoning abilities.

Cogmed Working Memory Training’s software RoboMemo® has been specifically designed to improve working memory and attention in children and adults. Through active and engaging exercises the participant is guided through the training by consistently being challenged at his or her individual level.

Cogmed Working Memory Training™ is easy to complete. A personal coach walks you through the computer installation and provides weekly feedback calls for encouragement and helpful tips. The training session is approximately 40 minutes long and is done 5 days a week for 5 weeks. The entire training is conducted in the convenience of your own home. A wrap-up session and a 6-month follow-up complete the training program.

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