C4L provides the following services to build independent and active learners:

Phonological Awareness

To help expand phonics knowledge and improve accuracy in word attack skills, the C4L approach uses research-based programs that strengthen letter recognition for reading and spelling, and reinforce sound-symbol correspondence. As your child moves through his/her program, the focus is on building accurate and rapid identification of words for better reading/spelling. Your child will build the skills and strategies to problem solve and learn that reading for meaning is a process.

Reading Comprehension

Strategies and research-based active reading techniques are used to enhance your child’s reading comprehension, including vocabulary and concept instruction, visualization techniques, self-monitoring, and literary and written responses to texts. Your child will learn that reading is an interwoven process of reading words, accessing prior knowledge, and deepening their abilities to read beyond the literal meaning of text.
Reading Fluency: For struggling readers, efficient reading speed and prosody is developed through modeling, charting progress, and repeated reading at a child’s independent reading level. Self-reflection is also an integral process for your child to hear and see their growth in their own reading.


Emphasis is placed on The 6-Traits of Writing as well as the California State Content Standards. Specific areas are targeted (i.e. sentence fluency, word choice, organization) while current classroom writing is also addressed.


We provide developmentally-appropriate instruction based on your child’s conceptual understanding with a primary focus on two major areas: basic fact fluency and conceptualization/problem solving. We maximize student involvement and commitment through metacognitive strategies, while teaching them the processes necessary to solve multi-step problems. Emphasis is placed on visualization techniques to support problem-solving comprehension.

Kindergarten Readiness

C4L recognizes the importance of early preparation for your child to have a successful experience in school. We provide your preschooler with early literacy skills, including vocabulary development, early phonemic awareness instruction, and alphabet mastery. In addition, to prepare your child for kindergarten we also incorporate language development, fine motor activities, number recognition, and multi-sensory experiences within our educational therapy plan.

Organizational and Study Skills

C4L gives each child direct individualized instruction in self-monitoring strategies to promote executive functioning skills. The main focus areas are time management, prioritization, metacognitive skills, utilization of graphic organizers, and note taking strategies. Instruction includes the use of mnemonics to improve memory, as well as collaboration with parents/teachers to enhance accountability. By teaching the necessary organizational skills, each student is empowered to take charge of their learning rather than relying on parents and tutors on an on-going basis.

Tutoring Vs. Educational Therapy

Whereas educational therapy targets foundational skills, tutoring assists the student in specific content area(s) he/she is struggling with. Students are frequently overwhelmed by the demands of the daily grind of homework and assignments. Educational Therapy is a way to provide the child with a supporting presence that can help organize and complete homework assignments and projects. Our educational therapists have college level preparation in their focus areas. As a result, your child’s therapist becomes a “go to” person who provides a nurturing and knowledgeable source of support. The most common subjects being addressed are writing and math, but we provide educational therapy for all areas of the curriculum.

Cogmed Working Memory Training™
Cogmed is a software-based intervention designed to improve working memory in children with attention deficits. Through active and engaging exercises, children train at home five days a week for five weeks. (click here to learn more)
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